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Serving Christ in the Academy

If you are a follower of Jesus who serves in academia, your aim is to bring glory to God in your place of service.  Here are some resources which will help equip you to more effectively serve Christ both in your academic work and beyond the classroom as well.  The link is embedded in each title so you have easy and free access at no cost to you.  Just right-click on the hyperlink and press Open Hyperlink or Open Weblink on the browser.  This will open the document or video on the internet.   Hopefully, they will broaden your vision, prod your thinking, stir your soul, raise your expectations, and give you fresh insights by preparing your mind and heart to serve Him with joy, wisdom, and courage.  Enjoy and be refreshed and challenged.

Understanding Higher Education and
Our Calling to Academia

Jongkind, Dirk, “Christians in Higher Education:  Living Worthy of the Calling.”  Length:  49:48

McCarthy, Daryl, “Problems Christians Have with Higher Education.”  18 pg.

McCarthy, Daryl, “Embracing Our Calling to the Academy.”  Length:  45:25

Lewis, C. S, “Learning in War-Time,” in The Weight of Glory and Other Addresses, New York: Simon & Schuster, 1975, pp. 41–52.

Malik, Charles Habib, The Two Tasks.  Westchester, Illinois: Cornerstone Books, 1980.  10 pg.

Thinking, Living, and Teaching with a
Christ-centered Worldview

Romanowski, Michael H., and Teri McCarthy. Teaching in a Distant Classroom: Crossing Borders for Global Transformation. Downers Grove, Ill.: InterVarsity Press, 2009.  Chapter 3, “Philosophy of Education 101,” pp. 56-77. 

George, Robert P.  “The Four Loves of Robert Jenson,” First Things October 13, 2022.  2 pg.

Serving Christ in the Academy

Hill, Daniel, “Serving Christ in Academia.”   Length: 33:26

McCarthy, Teri, “Excellent Teachers:  Effective Communication in the Classroom.” Length 49:27

Understanding How True

and Reliable Scripture Is

Learning from C. S. Lewis

McCarthy, Daryl.  "Kicking and Struggling: C. S. Lewis, The Dejected, Reluctant Convert."  2022.  Learning from Lewis's conversion from atheism to theism and from theism to Christ.

McCarthy, Daryl.  “Mere Christianity is Not Casual Christianity:  How C. S. Lewis Walked with God.”  2016.  Learning how Lewis walked with God and bore the fruit of the Spirit in his everyday life.

McCarthy, Daryl.  “Living With Hope in a Hopeless World: Learning from C. S. Lewis.”  2022.  Learning how Lewis maintained a firm trust and hope in God, in the middle of trying circumstances and disappointments.

Applying a Christian Worldview

McCarthy, Daryl.  John Wesley--Public Intellectual--Recovering Wisdom, Courage, and Justice in a Broken World.  2019.  John Wesley was the most influential public intellectual in the 18th century England and we can learn much from him on how to address social and cultural issues from a Christian worldview.

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